Joint Replacement Therapy

Our Joint Rehabilitation Therapy Program provides the most comprehensive care for both pre- and post-operative joint replacement therapy patients as well as for non-operative patients with musculoskeletal and degenerative disorders. Our teams of skilled rehabilitation therapists assess and guide their patients back to their highest level of function.

Goals of Joint Replacement Therapy

  • Decrease swelling and pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Regain strength and flexibility
  • Restore optimal level of function

Joint Replacement Therapy Program Highlights

  • Regular communication with physician at initial evaluation and four, eight and twelve-week progress notes

Evidenced-based assessment tools

  • Current rehabilitative techniques and operative procedures
  • Education on joint protection techniques
  • Self-help instructors certified by the Arthritis Foundation

Other Services

  • Aquatic therapy for decreased joint forces
  • Seminars associated with Arthritis Foundation
  • Post-rehab/wellness program
  • Balance rehabilitation therapy
  • Golf therapy and fitness